Why hire a doula?

Studies have shown having a doula in attendance: 

  • 25% shorter labor

  • 60% reduction in epidural requests

  • 50% reduction in the cesarean rate

  • 40% reduction in oxytocin use

  • 40% reduction in forceps use

  • 30% reduction in anesthetic use

Find out what a doula can do for you! Please contact me to schedule a no cost, no obligation interview!

Every birth is special. Whether it takes place at the hospital or at home, each is beautiful and deserving of celebration. No matter how you birth your baby, everyone can benefit from having a Doula's  constant presence during labor and delivery. 

My Story

From a very early age I fell in love with everything pregnancy, birth, and baby related. Hi, I am Emma Helms. From about age four I religiously watched the TLC TV show “A Baby Story” until it went off air. When I was 18, I got to be present for the birth of my first nephew, and my life was forever changed. It has always been my dream to work in the birth world. At 19 I had my first baby; my dreams took the back seat because I put all my energy into being the best mother I could be. Now after having three babies I made the choice to finally join the birth world as a doula.


I attended my doula Training in Seattle, WA through Big Belly Services. Now that I have gone through training, I am working towards certification through DONA International. I am eager to start serving women and their partners through such an intimate time in their lives. Studies show childbirth is something women remember for their entire life. Every mother deserves to feel empowered and supported throughout their pregnancy, labor and birth to insure they have a positive birth experience. Partners deserve just as much support as well.


I highly value ensuring that your family feels respected, informed and empowered through offering non-judgmental, compassionate and supportive care. Your birth is yours and yours alone and I will work to help make it what YOU envision it to be. I am honored to serve you as your doula.


With love,


Emma Helms

My Services

My doula service package includes:

  • Two prenatal visits 

    • Preparing for labor, birth & postpartum

    • Providing evidence-based & local resources

    • Discuss birth vision & creating a birth plan

  • Continuous support during labor and immediately after childbirth (for you and your partner)

    • Labor support starts as soon as you feed the need for additional support (usually at home in early labor) until a couple hours after the birth and you feel comfortable

    • Emotional support

    • Pain management techniques such as breathing practices and different positions

    • Feeling empowered, informed and supported throughout the whole journey

    • Allows partner a break to rest or eat

  • Two postpartum visits

    • Well-being check (body healing, sleep issues, feeding, and any other questions)

    • Light housework

    • Hold space for processing your birth story

  • Unlimited 24/7 informational support through email, text, phone throughout pregnancy & postpartum

  • Backup doula support if I'm not available due to extenuating circumstances

  • Candid birth photos during childbirth, if requested

Whether you are planning a hospital birth, home birth, birthing center birth, epidural birth, un-medicated birth or cesarean birth, I'll be with you. 



Birth Doula fee : $750
Includes initial interview, two prenatal visits, birth, and 2 postpartum visits. I require a $250 deposit as a retaining fee at the time that you decide that we are a good fit. The remainder is due at the 38 week prenatal visit.

Payment: I am willing to work with you on payment plans. Please don't hesitate to reach out with


"Whenever and however you intend to give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body and your spirit for the rest of your life"

Ina May Gaskin

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